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Sunnen Hone Model DMS3-40 (1) Sunnen Hone Model DMS3-40
S/N 1032
New 1996
Controller GE/FANUC 90 Display System
provides real time production control and monitoring.
Diameter Range: .233 to 2.055 inch Maximum Part Size 6" X 6" X 6"
Spindle Drive:
   Column #1 - 5 HP Variable Speed Drive
   Column #2 - 3 HP Variable Speed Drive
Speed Drive 1 to 600 RPM
Speed Drive 1.5 HP Variable Speed
Stroke Speed 1 to 100 in/min
Index Table: 12 Station Air Operated Index (table can be set to index 1 to 12 Stations)
Tooling Plate 36"
Coolant Pump 10 Gallon
Filter System: Self Contained Replaceable
Coolant Capacity: 30 Gallons
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Sunnen Hone Model DMS3-40 Sunnen Hone Model DMS3-40 Sunnen Hone Model DMS3-40

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